Thursday, August 22, 2013

get your moisturizer from tara.

Did you know that The Little House Day Spa offers the best moisturizer you will find anywhere?  Many of the ingredients are organic and it could wear a Made in Nebraska label as well.  I have always understand the importance of a good moisturizer for your face.  I will not disclose how much I once spent on a single jar of moisturizer while I was living in Dallas, because my friend said it was really good stuff.  In all my travels and all my shopping, Tara Currier's Summer Soother Moisturizer is the best I have used.  Even better than the too-expensive moisturizer in Dallas.

We sell it at The Little House Day Spa for $18 per 1 oz. jar.  Like I said, the ingredients are all-natural and Tara grows the Black Elder Leaf and Yarrow herself. 

Since our skin is so absorbent, it is ideal to use products on it that are free from chemicals and toxins.  A good rule of thumb is "If it isn't suitable to eat, then don't put it on your skin".  Now I am not recommending that your moisturizer needs to taste good or that you would want it for dessert, but rather that the ingredients are a safe choice for your body inside & out.

The ingredient list reads:
Olive Oil
Cocoa Butter*
Jojoba Oil*
Raw Bee's Wax*
Black Elder Leaf*
Rosehip Seed Oil*
Vitamin E
Beta Carotene
Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils of Wild Carrot Seed, Clary Sage and Lavender.


When you schedule your next massage at The Little House Day Spa, ask about our moisturizers.

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